Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Vintage. Oxymoron.

So, I've had my first free Saturday for what feels like the whole summer, and I managed to re-list some things that didn't sell, and list a few new things. A few really super crazy awesome things. I wish I could keep them, but one of you would give them such a great, stylish home! So, if you're looking for a cherry red leather motorcycle jacket, blazer like bodice on a mini dress, or a nautical jumpsuit--hopefully I've made your day. And if you weren't looking for them, you might be changing your mind. I re-listed that totally adorable white 80's party dress with the pink flowers and scalloped neck, too. Go to Solid Gold Vintage and bidddd. I need to pay rent in a month. As usual, I'm apologizing for NEVER posting. I have about 45 minutes of free time a day, and I use that for homework. School, Work, my sweet 45 minutes of free time for homework or dinner, and Grease rehearsals = my life. But, here are the top three items up for sale, as previously described:

Friday, July 11, 2008

(Old) Man Power.

The Sartorialist always has impeccable photos of impeccably dressed older gentlemen. This man has the perfect cuffed trousers and the perfect blazer--I am obsessed with the pushed up sleeves and the shirt just peeking out around the collars and cuffs. I totally need this man's outfit. Whenever I bunch up the sleeves on my blazer, they just end up inching down and finding their way back to my wrists. Oh, to be old and worldly and well dressed. Anyone else weirdly obsessed with old-man clothing?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stars and Stripes and neurosis (forever).

You know those times when it's almost midnight, and you just put some homemade cupcakes in the oven, but you spilled flour all over the floor (as always) and you're down on your hands and knees with a paper towel and some Fantastick getting said flour all over the hems of your Marc Jacobs jeans and hoping to god that the internet wasn't lying to you when it said (as if it were an actual person) that sour cream was an acceptable substitute for buttermilk, and yet you justify it all because the cupcakes are for your brother's birthday and you're wearing that cute little vintage ruffled apron with the pineapples on it? No? Maybe it's just me.

I swear someday I will have actual posts. Long weekend away from home coming up. After that I'll be listing more vintage on eBay, doing outfit posts regularly (it's my independence day resolution), and working most likely long hours at night for Grease.

Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate it. Now pull a Karl and get all patriotic-like!