Monday, June 30, 2008

Sites to love

So, this is a random late-night post. I'm bored. I feel the need to share my love of a couple of sites with you at this very moment because waiting until morning just will not do. Especially because I will probably oversleep, and probably not by accident but just out of absolute anger about how my morning will be spent: In biology class. Science is not my forte. At all. So, much do I love Missbehave?!

Quite a lot. Their daily blog gets me through the occasional bout with boredom while at work. Just when I thought there was not a fashion publication out there as random as I am, I was happily proved wrong. I only bought my first issue this month, and read it for the first time in May, but I am going to pay for a subscription! There isn't a Borders for an hour and a half away from my house, hence why I've been deprived. Any magazine that includes Dairy Queen, Aerobics, and advises you to deep fry everything all on their front cover gets a thumbs up from me.

Also, all Midwesterners should be super excited to check out The Midwasteland
Actually, everyone should be excited! It has a new look, and it's flyer than ever. Street style, features on fashion and culture written by contributers from all over the midwest, and (coming soon!) a regular blog. Check it out immediately if not sooner.

Now that I'm done rambling, I will continue to pick off chipping nail polish, ponder showering, and fighting with myself about how it's probably too late to eat but how I'm a little too hungry to care about that. I'm so inquisitive!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Making a lake of the East River and Hudson

How much do I love New York? A whole lot. Probably even more. It is my favorite city in the world, after all. I really enjoy the scent of melting, glittering asphalt. I love taking the subway (when it's running on time and everything and not out to just piss me off), going to Brooklyn for my favorite meal of all time, the random things you overhear, the hilarity and ridiculousness of the catcalls, and all of the strange encounters I seem to have EVERY time I go--even after having been 17 times in the past 7 years. My brother used to call Williamsburg home, and I have fond memories of walking through his quiet Brooklyn neighborhood alone at eight am. Waving hello to the old man who owned the meat store or stopping to smile and fawn over an adorable dog. Even though I know living there would be far different than any of the trips I've taken, I think I'm going to be damned well equipped with at least some of the skills I need when I move. And I will! I swear. I could never go against the pact I made with myself at age twelve.

I did my fair share of shopping (lots of florals and the BEST marc by marc shirt ever), saw Crybaby on Broadway from the 3rd row, ate way too much good food (papaya dog, Spice pad thai, mac and cheese and wine at DuMont, pizza, Good Burger, Pirozhki from Veselka etc...blahh), and likely killed my arches due to all the pavement pounding I did in heels for wonderful nights out. All well worth it and in great fun, though!

Decorative parrot in our hotel room.
Russian ELLE. I am such a Russian Nerd.
We're weird and we know that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As promised...

Too many comments urged me to do guys can talk me into anything! These are all pretty embarassing, really. Mainly because in most of them I'm young and awkward looking. Oh, well. Enjoy?

Mmm. Blue Gingham, hair ribbons, and ruby slippers...oh, my? Yes, I'm from Kansas and I did actually play Dorothy. Hilarious, right? I'm 17 here.
I really liked this one, actually! It was a green fringe dress with a purple fringed dress over it. Oh, and yellow tights with pink fishnets over them, and fishnet gloves. This is Godspell. I was the hussy who sings "Turn Back, O Man"
So, I could have included the photo of this show where my character is pregnant, but nah. The apron and strange head adornment are bad enough. Plus, my friend is back there playing a cow in this picture! I was 16, and this would be Into the Woods as the Baker's Wife. Our greens even match, how cute!
So, I am 13 here (eighth grade!), and wearing a bustier with more padding than you can ever imagine, and playing Scrooge's fiancee of the past in A Christmas Carol. Wrong, I know. All bra issues aside, this blue dress was probably one of my favorites!
So this picture isn't even a year old. Pretty, lacy dresses make me happy. That's my boyfriend looking super cute and super tall by the way. Thoroughly Modern Millie...and I was the only girl in the show not showing her goods off in a fringe dress because I was playing Miss Dorothy--the prude.
You can't see it, but I had to wear this giant, feathered tail as Gertrude (a bird...really) in Seussical. Pretty sweet glasses though, right? And I even got to wear my own converse.
Alright. This is bad. I am twelve years old here in the very first summer production I did for our theatre. I kind of wish I had a skirt like that, though. If you look closely, you might be able to see the ridiculously long fake blue nails I had to wear for this part.
Here I am with a cow--again. Hmm. Most embarrassing. Tiny little dress, poofy petticoat, BLONDE WIG. Oh, and the bonnet. Greeaaat. Age 15, in Gypsy as Dainty June. Vomit. I will never go blonde.
The glasses are back! Cute little catholic school-girl costume as Annie in Over the Tavern when I was 16. I also had to wear a beehive wig and shove a whole twinkie in my mouth for this show. Good times?
Nothing like Western attire to get the party started! I really like the guy who played Curly in Oklahoma's costume better than my boring costume as Laurie. I mean chaps? Really?
I loved this dress so much...sigh. I'm sixteen here, in Beehive which was a musical that revolved around 60's girl group songs. I had some killer go-go boots for a different song. I wish I still had those, too! Also, check out the wigs going on upstage of me. Amazing!

Well, I'm headed to NYC until late Monday night. Expect to see pictures...I am bound and determined to actually take some. Usually I always end up forgetting my camera, or feeling lame about taking pictures. Plus, my camera may be small...but it isn't quite small enough to not make my clutch have a strange, protruding tumor.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Grease is the Word.

So, I'm a bit of a theatre nerd and have been for the past eight years. I've had the chance to wear some pretty ridiculous stuff. Fringe dresses, piles of petticoats, super tight bustiers, horrible wigs, feathers...I could go on and on with this. This summer should prove to be pretty exciting speaking in terms of costuming, though! I'm going to be in Grease as Rizzo, and she has some pretty rad clothing in the film! I'm just hoping the duds I get to wear on stage will be half as cool. As a little girl, I would dress up in a poodle skirt and dance to the Grease soundtrack in our living room and sing probably at the top of my lungs. Charming, I know. If there are some amazing costumes in our show, I'll be sure to take some photos. I'd love it if we wore some real vintage, and I know for a fact that our costume shop has some great stuff! But I'm really hoping to see some crazy, tight black pants on my friend who's playing Sandy! Maybe sometime I'll compile some photos of the costumes I've had to wear...embarrassing? There is a bit of a difference between an audience of 300 and....the whole interweb.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Vintage clothing needs good home!

So, some things are back up for grabs at Solid Gold Vintage in the land of ebay! Not to my surprise, many of the last batch didn't sell and are back up! So if there was anything from the last round of vintage you wanted to nab but didn't, check to see if it's returned! Now for the new stuff! I may edit this post to include more depending on how my night goes...I have a few more dresses and shoes, though. Head to Solid Gold Vintage immediately if not sooner!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bathing Suits and Cowboy Boots.

My mom could not dress me. Well, she would attempt to, at which point I would apparently remove said clothing and put on whatever I wanted. And I would change outfits multiple times a day. It still pretty much holds true, actually. I'll put something on for awhile, get sick of it, change again. Maybe that's why my outfit posts on here are so sparse...I never stay in one ensemble long enough! I was looking through some pictures my mom had scanned, and came across these choice fashion moments. I guess I believed that bathing suits could serve as outer wear once paired with tights? Also included (just because) is a great shot of my dad circa I don't know when donning a white suit and strange mustache. It's all about class in my family.

I really need those sunglasses.
I should consider reviving the navy tights sometime.
Interesting choice of hat...and I am definitely rocking the off the shoulder look. Nice!
What a bad ass.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Light of my life, fire of my loins.

Nothing gets a person's attention like a title with the words loins in it, right? Well, being the self-proclaimed Russian nerd that I am, I am reading Lolita.
Doesn't this photo from the film (which I refuse to watch...yet!) make you want to go out and lie shamelessly in the grass in a retro-inspired swimsuit and giant hat? What is that one made out of anyways, any guesses? If I were thirteen, I could be spending my summer doing that, but instead I'll continue to busy myself indoors with the mountain of things I have to do (and should be doing right now). When I finally do get some time to bask outdoors, I may want to do so a la a way that is far more legal, of course. Swimsuit and sunglasses, Urban Outfitters