Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lovely Weather We're Having

On the cusp of March, the weather here is finally beginning to show some signs of promise.  The ice is melting, my chances of slipping and falling on campus have lessened, and sunny days over 35 degrees are starting to outnumber those that are subzero and overcast.  I admit, I cannot go play outside, barelegged, in a dress, but just forgoing the extra layers I usually require in the morning is beyond refreshing.  Warm spring days remind of a few things: track meets in junior high, walking on barren railroad tracks, and The Virgin Suicides.  While the book by Jeffrey Eugenides is fantastic, allowing you to create your own perception of the Lisbon girls and how the light may hit their identical blonde locks while they lounge on the lawn, the images in the Sofia Coppola film version are beautiful.  Although the subject matter is dark, the light-soaked motif, breezy 70's threads, and green grasses are anything but.  Something about watching it just makes me yearn to throw on something made of sheer cotton, let my hair air dry, and lay out on my old high school's football field at dusk in the dewy grass.   Rent and/or read it, and find your own inspiration in the words and images surrounding Lux, Cecelia, Mary, Therese, and Bonnie.  You may even find yourself in a new, sun-drenched light. 

Monday, February 25, 2008

Squeaking By

Holly Golightly had Cat.  I want Rat.  It is true--while most fashionistas would likely squeal and run away in their platform ankle boots from a rodent, I have recently gained an irrepressible affection towards rats.  I cannot afford to keep a dog or a cat, but a rat, with their little pink hands and a helpless look in their beady black eyes seems realistic!  What is unrealistic, is the Willard like existence I have envisioned for my squeaky little companion and I (minus using the rat for purposes involving revenge and/or death).  My rat will walk on a leash.  I will train it to use a litter box.  It will watch tv and read magazines with me.  So clearly, I am insane.  But, before all of you exit this blog totally dismissing rats and myself entirely, I thought I would highlight some moments rodents have had in fashion.  

I don't know how many people actually read this book, but, come on, look at that little guy.  He is totally popping a wheelie with style--and safety!--with his white helmet.  But, I feel that Ralph S. Mouse is lacking something and should be sporting a little leather motorcycle-inspired jacket.  Perhaps that's more of a style reserved for non-mice?

 If that is the case, this slick number from Urban Outfitters could add some edge to any of the spring frocks you may donning (off or on a motorcycle, crazy girl).  

Alright, so how many of you are into polka dots, brightly colored pumps, and bows of any kind?  Plenty, I'm sure--myself included.  While I have never considered the fact that my fashion inspirations and choices may mimic those of mouse girlfriend Minnie, I am becoming more aware of the fact that I truly need a pair of yellow pumps.  Yellow is a fantastic color for spring, and it is actually quite wearable and versatile, adding punch to any outfit.  

Pictured above is a sunny, Minnie-esque pump from Steve Madden.  The pointed toe isn't too severe for a casual ensemble, and the heel height makes it great for walking comfortably on campus or hitting the dance floor!  

These are the rodents that are keeping me company until I find the genius-rat of my ridiculous dreams.  They are also the most awesome mouse-moment in fashion history.  These Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats are adorable and quirky, complete with whiskers and metallic pink nose and ears!  Unfortunately, mine have yet to debut because of snow and slush.  So whether you're a fan of motorcycles, Minnie, or Marc give it your own little twist--and don't get caught in a fashion trap!  

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Like a Rhinestone Cow(girl)boy

Do not be fooled.  Despite the fact that I am what could best be described as a slave to fashion, I grew up in a land very far away from fashion civilization (although with the help of a stylish and vintage obsessed mother, I learned to cope through thrift stores).  As a child, I eagerly gathered eggs from the hen house, went fishing, and played in fields.  I can count baby chicks, a miniature horse, a lamb, and a pot belly pig as pets from my past.  Rodeo grounds were a block from my school.  Naturally, a part of me has a fondness for small-town charm and western nostalgia--and fashions.  While I understand that cowboy boots reached their peak of popularity when Sienna Miller had everyone under a 'boho-chic' (what a hyphenate) spell, I have been having a yearning for my beat up black cowboy boots lately.  Without them being in reach, I perused a website called, and discovered the standard cowboy boot's softer, girlier, side-saddle riding cousin: The Roper Boot.  

With a tapered toe and shorter style, these boots seem more flirty than farmhand--plus, this pair is red! The ones pictured above are Justin brand, from (yes, I am serious). Lucky for me, there are western stores left and right back home for me to peruse and find the little roper boots of my urban cowgirl dreams, sans shipping and handling prices! It makes me want to go frolic on the river bank!  I imagine the crimson boots adding some toughness to one of spring's swingy, high-hemmed floral numbers, or perhaps with colored denim tucked into them for a cool downtown vibe.  Or, you could channel your inner country girl and go for Marilyn Monroe as Roslyn in The Misfits.  All you would need with your ropers is a button-up and a pair of vintage, high-waisted Levi Jeans.  Oh, and the ability to pull off pig-tails.  Yeow!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Designer Impostor

There are few things that get me more excited on a boring day than the blossoming idea of what could be a fantastic Do-It-Yourself fashion project.  In junior high, I transformed rad childrens' vintage T-shirts into slouchy (read: ill made) totes.  In high school, I took old jeans and destroyed them into then-trendy perfection (read: I fell in the school parking lot in my vintage Lee's and tore a huge hole in the jeans and an even bigger one in my knee).  Alright, so I admit that some of my DIYs were shotty and unplanned, but I am feeling some confidence with the ones I am about to present to you, dear, chic readers!  With all the time I have on my hands being inside away from the dreary cold, snow, and ice, I will continue my obsessive daydreaming of spring.    
Firstly, there is the lego-headband!  Inspired by Marc by Marc's Spring 2008 RTW runway.  Hot pink Manic-Panic streaks and fierce Ali Michaels eyebrows are optional (and totally rocking!).    Nicole at has a great DIY project for a Marc-esque lego ring, too! 

Ingredients for this DIY include:
Headband (color of your choice)
Hot Glue, or other crazy adhesive 
Some assorted legos
Off center, create whatever kind of geometric lego monument you would like, cementing the pieces in place with glue as you go.  I've even considered mounting a little lego man on the headband as well, but it's up to you how you create your fashionable homage to childhood!  Let it dry completely, wear, and let the spring sunshine beam against the shiny plastic masterpiece!

Next, I give you Pollock BVDs, courtesy of Spring 2008 from Dolce and Gabbana.

Mens oversized grey undershirt  
Assorted Fabric Paints

I chose to leave the style of the undershirt open, because this would look way cool on a V-neck, crew-neck, or any other shape you may want to cut yourself!  As for the paint colors, the Dolce T-shirt smears dark, bruise-colored paints on the fabric, but I think some neon paint splatters would be really fresh and on trend.  After you've figured out what kind of T-shirt and colors you want to feature on your work of art (quite literally), go to town!  Brush, splatter, and splat all the fabric paint you deem necessary.  Directions vary on fabric paints, so be sure and see what is directed for your brand as far as what to do post-painting goes.  Once that is completed, your shirt is as ready-to-wear as the D&G version above!  I plan on tucking mine into something high waisted, like the tulip skirt in the photo, accenting it with a belt, and adding a little slouchy cuff to the sleeves.  Jackson would be proud!

If I get my hands on the materials and a digital camera, I can post a follow-up on my own encounters with these DIYs.  In the mean time, let me know if you try them!  I'd love to see and post photos!  Email me at 
Hopefully these little projects will put a smile on your face and a Spring in your step!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coming up Roses

It can be a safe assumption that this is a day reserved for beautiful flowers.  And lovers.  And hearts.  And chocolate...whatever.  Since I am sitting in my dorm room watching Sex and the City DVDs and studying for a potentially heinous Russian test, pretty blooms have clearly not been a big part of my Valentine's Day (which isn't over! I'm optimistic).  All of these Valentiners have it all wrong though.  Floral arrangements are not meant to be purchased today and wither after a week!  The florals I'm thinking of are sprouting up all over the place and are staying that way for quite some time.  While flowery prints were the object of many a designer's affections for Spring, they're also going to be hanging out come Fall.    

Karen Walker's Spring 2008 Runway

Fall 2008 from Erin Fetherston

My personal floral purchase from Urban Outfitters. Lilac with neon, impressionistic flowers.  I love it, but unfortunately the weather here has been so dismal that I have yet to take it out on the town.  I also feel I need a perfect pair of cerulean tights like those in the Erin Fetherston photo to complement the dress. I love how florals are still present for fall in deeper shades.  Perhaps designers are realizing that flowers need to come out to play even in weather they can't typically survive in!   Plus, flowers have been known to make many a girl feel a little bit happier! So, even if you're spending this Valentine's day alone, treat yourself to some flowers...on a pretty new frock, that is!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sloane, darling

There are few things that cure what ails me when I'm feeling particularly under the weather than a nice film from the 1980's.  The summer I got my tonsils out, it was a marathon of John Hughes.  Sadly enough, I sit in my room sniffling due to a cold with no rad films in sight.  Thus, I am forced to go off of, shoulder padded, acid washed, memory.  That being said, I am dedicating this post to my favorite fictional eighties gal: Sloane Peterson, from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."  There is something about Mia Sara's Sloane that is ridiculously cool.  I'm not too sure if it's how effortlessly volumuinous her hair looks, or if it is the fact that I'm jealous that she ditches school to tool around Chicago and press her forehead on the glass of the Hancock building next to Cameron and Ferris.  Although she radiates enigmatic cool, she always has me seriously considering high waisted shorts, fringed jackets, and oversized wayfarers every time I view the film.   

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dapper Detective Work

Although it is eighteen degrees this very moment, I am having beautiful delusions of springtime.  Visions of riding a vintage Schwinn in a circle skirt and yellow keds with something like fresh flowers in the basket.  This is totally ridiculous 1) I am a total klutz on a bike, 2) wearing a skirt would only complicate this, and 3) the hills on my college campus are brutal even to look at, and I imagine myself pedaling away and getting farther downhill than uphill.  While this chic little fantasy of mine is clearly not as attainable as I would like it to be, I have found that one of my spring sartorial desires is completely do-able (and will more than likely bruise my ego less than attempting to maneuver a bicycle).  It is the trench coat, but of course!  My drive to buy a new trench coat was first fueled with this photo of a seemingly perfect addition to my devoid-of-amazing-trench-coat closet:

It is the Kimi Trench Coat from Urban Outfitters.  The swing-like cut!  The sash belt!  The incredible wide lapels!  Every time I look at this jacket, my heart breaks a little bit.  With this trench coat, my inner Nancy Drew girl detective can converge, and thus, party, with my more dominant inner fashionista.  Alright, so perhaps I don't have many Nancy Drew sleuth skills to my name, but I still feel as if this garment and I are meant to be, no detective powers required.  Now, for a few of my favorite trench coat moments:

Macgruff: one distinguished dog detective in khaki. Woof.

Carmen Sandiego: Angering ACME agents everywhere in red trench and fedora.

The greatest trench coat moment ever. Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard as Holly and Paul in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Brilliant.

So whether you're taking a bite out of crime, hanging out with V.I.L.E. henchmen, or kissing in the pouring rain while matching with your man...a trenchcoat will serve you well!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sixteen (19) Candles, and other things 80's.

Ahh, birthdays.  One day I will come to dread them, but for now, I'm digging the birthday celebration scene.  What a perfect reason to get way overdressed!  In my case, I'm wearing my bright yellow, tiered trapeze dress from Zara,  cropped purple vintage jacket, opaque tights, vintage jazz oxfords, and a crazy-printed Marc by Marc purse.  All I want now is big piece of cheesecake with my name on it...
In honor of this day of birth thing, I want to show off the woman who made it all possible: Mom.  She was pretty rad in the 1980's.  I often look to faded photographs of her in her impeccable vintage attire (anywhere from the 1940's-60's) for inspiration.  So, since I shared that memorable photo of Dad, here are some of my rocking Mom (and a couple of cameos by me).  No one did the Billy Idol haircut or high waisted pant better.  Cheers, Mom.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hat Tricks

Two days ago it was sunny and seventy.  Yesterday is was thirty-five and raining.  Today?  Five inches of snow on the ground.  Thus, classes have been cancelled and I have only left my room to sled on storage container lids and eat chocolate chip pancakes.  Obviously, pondering the stylistic details of a potential sledding outfit is a rather ridiculous idea.  I put on my oldest, sturdiest jeans over cable knit tights; layers of shirts; and even let my ugg boots out for the day (probably the longest they've seen daylight since my sophomore year of high school).  Then, in a strange turn of events, my friend and I were plucked from our private sledding soiree of sorts and interviewed by our television news station about our spectacular snow day.  Suddenly, we both became very aware of how ridiculous we looked.  She in her purple  ear-flapped hat with the pom-pom on top and floral print wayfarers, and I in my buffalo plaid news boy cap and sea foam green flat top aviators.  And I cannot be happier.  I hope that the good citizens of our town watch the news tonight and chuckle at the girls with sunglasses covering half their faces and snow in their hair.

However, I am feeling a little bitter about the weather.  Mostly because I am craving springtime.  I find it so impossible to dress the way I want and keep warm on campus while the biting wind nearly cuts right through my flesh and manages to almost whip my little red beret off of my head.  It's really easier to just stuff my hat in my backpack and hope that my forehead grazing bangs will provide some kind of miniscule amount of warmth.  With flimsy, adorable berets beginning to distress me more than aid me as an accessory in the cold (more like freezing) weather, I have begun to explore Russian Trapper Hats.  It perfectly incorporates my love for the stranger side of fashion and my love for Russian culture!

 Just look at how happy (read: creepy) this mannequin is!  Her painted smile tells me that a Russian Trapper Hat may be just the thing to keep my ears from falling off while I wait for the bus to take me to Russian class!  Brilliant!  After viewing the Fall 2008 line from Boy by Band of Outsiders, my ache for a hat of the warm, fuzzy, and Russian kind only grew.  Preferably if I can wear one with a cute little plaid dress and grey tights.  Somehow I'm thinking that the open toe heels just would not do.

Russian Trapper Hats: я люблю! Я хочу! мне нужен!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm okay with being unimpressive, I sleep better...

When approached by mediocrity, I typically exude some kind of equally apathetic response.  A shrug works nicely.  However, when it comes to this, I'm feeling a little more outraged than lukewarm.  This being The Lauren Conrad Collection at  First of all, I have to admit that I felt a little bad that I wasn't giving her the benefit of the doubt.  So what if she's had everything handed to her on an MTV platter with a latte on the side?  So, I optimistically clicked away.  Firstly, I giggled at the fact that she named pieces after her co-stars...I mean, friends.  Then I delved deeper.  However, I only found myself in a sea of white, black, and indigo blandness.  Do people actually still wear tube tops on a regular basis in your world, Lauren Conrad?  Because honestly, when I imagine a woman in a tube top, I think of some kind of roller disco nightmare complete with hotpants.  Then there's the price range.  Clearly, Ms. Conrad hasn't received the memo that her biggest fans are mostly fourteen-year-old girls who can't personally afford $48 leggings and believe that being an intern is an real, paying job (which, even though it doesn't pay, I'm still infinitely envious over).  The description that accompanies the photo of said leggings advises to buy them, "while they're hot!"  Wait, so,that would have been about three years ago when leggings were removed from a 1980's time capsule and made cool again.   The description also says that Lauren "has been inspiring young fashionistas since 2004 with her hip, laid back California style."  I'm not sure if I find much inspiration from someone who gets paid way too much to appear on a 'reality' television show.  I suppose her ripped jeans, haviana flip flops, and the idea of a perpetual head band could have been groundbreaking ideas after all?  Well, Lauren Conrad is probably sleeping pretty well, then.  And dreaming only in black, white, and blue.

To check it out for yourselves, head on over to Shop Intuition's site...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Family Icons

While MK and Sienna are both very qualified to earn the status of a style icon, perfecting effortlessness and making disheveled look stylish, this post is dedicated to someone a little different.  A little older.  A little...male-er.  Meet my dad. 

This is his senior photo.  Classy guy, eh?  It was the seventies then, but can't you just imagine some skinny hipster kid walking down Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn sporting similar threads?  I think it's very geek chic meets retro prep.  Plus, look at the man's impeccably glossy and wavy hair.   I know that most people aren't actually advising you to dress like their fathers, but this look is not meant only for the boys!  To be a super happening chick in a groovy sort of way (Thanks, Greg Brady), check out these items:

The white ruffle top is the Emma Ruffle top from Delia's, and it's $32.50.  I know it's not a snazzy pink color like my dad's, but the ruffles give it a nice feminine embellishment.  The sweater vest is also from Delia's.  It is the Cacey Sweater Vest, on sale for 29.50.  The side button detail on the vest is cute and intricate.  The Rihanna Sweater, $34.50, from Delia's, replaces my father's dapper choice of a red blazer with blue, but keeps the nifty top stitching. Now, if you want to go all out, Iekeliene style, and sport some faux specs, these are the unisex Brock eyeglasses, $50, from American Apparel.  Finally, I imagined this look with a great pair of colored skinny jeans, although in all likelihood my father wasn't decked out in purple trousers.   The BDG Bright Skinny Pants, $49, from Urban Outfitters are a great addition to this preppy gone awry look.  Now wear your look with pride!  You could even immortalize it forever in your yearbook...

Waving Hello and Jumping for Joy.

                                                         Style and substance.

Great fashion is more than often better and infinitely more satisfying than a perfect triangle of diner apple pie and a scoop of melting vanilla.  Actually, great fashion is better than nearly everything.  A perpetual motion machine of change, the fashion world is awe inspiring, beautiful, and my personal obsession.  So why not celebrate all things style?!  More to come, so come back for more!