Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm not a stripper.

During the summer, I get strong, unusual cravings for tragically campy cinema. For the past four or five summers, I have gone to the video store (do they still call it that?) with my family seeking out horrible and hilarious movies. Typically it ends up being a horror film (I stand by the original Amityville Horror being THE funniest of the horrors), but once in awhile, something outside of the horror genre will produce glorious, golden camp. I give you Showgirls. If you haven't seen this movie, please, go watch it now. Well, maybe not all of you, considering it is NC-17, but you should at least catch the edited for tv version they show onVh1. The 1995 film stars Elizabeth Berkley (you know, Jessy from Saved by the Bell? Who can forget!). "A young drifter, named Nomi, arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and soon sets about clawing and pushing her way to become the top of the Vegas showgirls." (thanks, IMBD) As if that shouldn't lure you into seeing this film, I have found upon recent viewing that the 90's threads Nomi (what a name) acquires after reaching some stardom are really kind awesome in the way that only early ninetie's clothes can be. She has a penchant for Versace, all things body concious, and fringe...or really anything that adds a strange urban cowgirl element to the ensemble. Unfortunately, there are very few photos of some of the costuming, so I decided to compile a little collage of WWNW -- what would Nomi wear? Try not to be too dazzled by my paint skillz, now.
I don't know how many strippers, I mean, dancers, should actually serve as inspiration for any wardrobe. But damn it, if loving Nomi is wrong, I just don't want to be right!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Up for Auction!

So, I started my ebaying adventures today! I posted nine awesome vintage items up, although it took quite some time because of a tornado warning. Oh, Kansas! Here's some photos of what's up for auction at Solid Gold Vintage! Click if you like what you see and want to try your hand at being the highest bidder! The only thing that isn't actually up for grabs right this moment is the pair of light brown 1950's high waisted shorts. But they will be up this week! Thus far I have: high waisted acid wash cut offs, floral print hooded vest, tshirt dress, paint-stroke print mini dress, double breasted multi-colored dress, cropped leather jacket, tribal/plaid button up shirt, high waisted teal pencil skirt, and a bright red shrunken blazer with the cutest anchor buttons. All one of a kind vintage!

A little PS: The knee-high gladiators in the fifth picture are new to my shoe collection. And let me tell you, it's definitely love!

Keep on the lookout for more additions to Solid Gold Vintage...I'll always keep you posted with photos and more!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Comeback.

I have returned! I am really, honestly back for plenty of summertime musings. Been a little overwhelmed this week with moving my piles of clothing and shoes back home from college. I am not being a bit hyperbolic when I say piles. If I weren't so ashamed at the state of my bedroom, I would totally post a photo. I used one of those suitcases you joke about carrying your friend in when you take a totally enviable trip to transport my shoes back home, and get this: they wouldn't all fit. The very sad thing is, with the season morphing into summer, I feel only compelled to purchase more outrageous footwear. I also started a new job this week! A job that allows me to act on my urges of wearing pretty much whatever I want compared to my past employment ventures. Anyways, I feel like I could post about a thousand things right now, but I will try my very hardest not to do so.

Things that make me very excited for summer:

Seeing Death Cab for Cutie next Friday

Going to NYC with my best friend and mom(never gets old...even after 16 trips!)

My amazing new gladiator sandals

Prancing around the very green Kansas country side

My new eBay-ing adventures (henceforth referred to as Solid Gold Vintage...more info on that as it comes!)

Anyways, many real posts coming your way...if I have any more readers! I still want/need to know what you want to see being auctioned off on eBay so I can find it and it can make its way into your hearts, heads, and homes!

I also have an obvious affinity for green grass and all things sun-drenched.
Yellow gingham and floral print blouse, white belt, black pencil skirt, and sunglasses-vintage; white peep-toe jelly sandals-Urban Outfitters.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Still Fighting It

Four day week this week, then finals week.  I plan on studying manic amounts in hopes of maintaining the 4.0, but we'll see what happens! I also need to memorize a monologue for an audition Saturday...ahhh. That said, expect no spectacular posts until after May the 16th.  I'm infinitely sorry because I wish I had the time to take photos and put up outfit posts nearly every day or at least give you guys something, but I just don't have it right now.  I managed to get sick this weekend, so I am allowing myself to post this to keep my sanity before delving back into homework.  I spent this evening helping Calvin Yordy, up and coming rock band, style their wardrobe for their upcoming album's photo shoot. If you're into rock and roll (and who isn't), check them out!   

I was tagged by Sam of The Wandering Alchemist recently and I'm following through again yet again on the being tagged business.  
5 Things found in my bag: I have a lot of bags?  But I guess I'll stick with the contents of my trusty  Marc by Marc bookbag? Russian work book, Russian text book, Lolita (the novel), Carmex tube, and my iPod (Edie).   
5 Things found in my purse: There's a lot of stuff in all of my purses, but in my most used Marc by Marc bag is - giant green heart shaped cocktail ring, Carmex, MAC pressed powder, OPI Russian Navy polish, and a ticket from when I saw Young Frankenstein the Musical
5 Favourite things in my room: I guess I'll do my dorm since I can see what's in it... vintage album covers, vintage TV trays with creepy clowns, 'God Bless Our Trailer' plaque, anything from my boyfriend, photographs.
5 Things I always wanted to do: Write something significant, drive across the country, own my own apartment in New York, visit Russia, graduate from college. 
5 Things I am currently into: rompers, drinking orange juice, Lolita, apartment hunting, and organic toaster pastries.  
 5 impressions of the person that tagged you: she is fantastically stylish, adorable, creative, articulate, and sweet! 

By the bye, this summer I am thinking of doing an ebay store!  My mom, aunt, and uncle have all been successful vintage sellers on ebay for years now, so I have plenty of help with logistics.  I just want to know what my stylish readers would like to see in it!  It would be less collectible/expensive vintage, and more trend driven, but beautiful, vintage finds from the 60's to the 80's.  I plan on starting by cleaning out my own closet first, but I promise I won't be selling any chain store clothing...all vintage! Please let me would be a great thing to pursue-- provided I survive the next couple of weeks.